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WELCOME - 2017

My dear Brothers and Sisters,
It is my pleasure to extend to you all, New Year greetings and Best wishes for the New Year with fervent prayers to the Almighty to bestow His choicest blessings to you and your families with good health, all round happiness and prosperity in the ensuing year and many many years to come.
It is a matter of great satisfaction that 2016 has been a momentous year in all respects. The financial stability and credibility of your apex body continues to grow - which was amply proved by you in the elections held last year when you elected the present team with a thumping majority. This was further endorsed during the Annual General Body Meeting held on 16 October 2016. With your unflinching support, we feel confident that we will continue to fulfill various plans and programs with a sense of commitment and dedication as hitherto.
During the ensuing year, we plan to give a much greater focus on Youth Empowerment and Skill Development. Education is one of the main features of our programs and it is our fervent desire that no Mohyal child should be deprived of education for want of funds. Our proposed scheme "Adopt a Child" would be accelerated and put in shape. Similarly, we propose to encourage our children for skill development including Information Technology - which is the need of the hour. With regard to this, a Seminar on Skill Development and Career Guidance was recently held on 27 November 2016 at Khanna attended by 800 participants and top technocrats and was a great success and widely appreciated.
To encourage our young children in the field of education, two Pratibhashalee Vidyarthi Award Functions were held in January & December 2016, which were also widely appreciated and was a source of great encouragement and inspiration to our youth.
These and many other such functions by your apex body and local sabhas along with the various monuments established over years have ignited the imagination of our younger generation which provides them an identity as a Mohyal and makes them proud. I am happy with the participation of the younger generation in the Community affairs in large numbers, which abodes well for the future of our Community.
I also wish to take this opportunity to request my sisters to come forward in large numbers and take active part in the functioning of GMS and local Sabhas as I strongly feel that they can play a pivotal role in curbing the evils which have crept in our social system. Their contribution in solving the matrimonial and in any post-marriage problems can prove to be a great boon to the society. We hold Matrimonial Melas recent one was on 20 March 2016 which was widely appreciated where our sisters can play an active role. They can also help us in identifying our young widow sisters for Vocational Training towards which GMS will be too willing to incur reasonable expenses so that they learn to stand on their own feet instead of being on the crutches provided by GMS as a subsidy. The field for social work, therefore is large and involvement of my sisters would be welcome and greatly appreciated.
As you may be aware, we are planning another Mohyal Bhawan at Yamuna Nagar for which Foundation laying ceremony was performed on 11 September 2016. It would be pertinent to say that next to Delhi, large number of Mohyal families are settled in and around Yamuna Nagar and implementation of this project will meet a long standing demand of our fraternity. The project is scheduled to be started very soon and it is my humble appeal to all of you to donate liberally for this project so that we can complete it by next year.
Before I close, I wish to emphasize that whatever has been achieved, it has been possible with the support from all of you backed by unity and solidarity in Community which must be maintained at all times to ensure continuous progress and prosperity of our Community.
Once again, wishing all of you a very Happy New Year with echoes of Jai Mohyal.
Yours affectionately
(B.D. Bali)

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