History of GMS

There are golden passages in our rich history that are etched in glorious collective memory for eternity, exemplified by our visionary preceptors who founded The General Mohyal Sabha on 24th May,1891, with the objective of closely knitting the fraternity and bringing about social reforms, rooting out such practices and rituals, which tended to erode the cherished moral values inhibiting the unity and solidarity of the biradari, bringing the entire community on one platform for promoting the welfare and well-being of all at the grass roots level. The original name of GMS was Mohyal Mitter Sabha and founding fathers were Bakshi Ram Dass Chhibber, Bk. Jog Dhian Bali, Bk. Gokal Chand Chhibber, Ch. Ganesh Dass Daft, Mehta Lal Chand Mohan, Ch. Ram Bhaj Daft, Ch. Him Singh Datta, Mehta Dhera Mal Datta and Mehta Maharaj Kishan Vaid.
The General Mohyal Sabha was first registered at Lahore in 1900, under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860, after partition, registered again at New Delhi, in August 1955.
The Constitution of the GMS is as old as the GMS itself. It used to be in urdu. It was amended and translated, into English on 28th December 1980 and further Amendments/Additions/Deletions incorporated at the Extraordinary General Body Meeting of the GMS held on 26th March 1995, 18th March 2007 and 15th may 2011. Before partition of the country, Mohyal Ashram at Lahore was considered to be a monument of the Mohyals. All India Mohyal Conferences were held from the year 1902 regularly. The first issue of the Mohyal Mitter was published in September 1891 and it carried an annual subscription of Rupees two and eight annas and published in Urdu language. The first Editor was Master Barkat Ram Vaid.
The main strongholds of Mohyals were in the Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir and NWFP where the members were settled. However, after the traumatic partition of the country in 1947, the community got scattered and settled in different parts of the country and was virtually cut off from its moorings. The GMS was reactivated with its headquarters in Delhi and has since made significant progress, in particular during the last three decades, under the dynamic, enlightened stewardship of Rzd. B.D. Bali, Bakshi S.K. Chhibber, Lt. Gen. Z.C. Bakshi, Lt. Col. M.N.C. Datta, Mehta O.P. Mohan and their dedicated colleagues. Today, the GMS is a strong body with 74 local Sabhas affiliated to it all wedded to strengthening the Mohyaliat bonds and for implementing the avowed objectives of the parent body, the well-being and welfare of the entire fraternity. Due to bold and pragmatic decisions, the GMS has enthused the rank and file of the community resulting in wide awakening and realization of our potential and strength that 'united we can and shall scale new horizons of endeavor'. In addition to the Local Sabhas, Youth and Mohyal Ladies Wings have also been formed thus further strengthening our bonds. .


The GMS Managing Committee comprises of 40 elected members (35 gents and a minimum of 5 ladies). All local affiliated Sabhas are entitled to nominate their representative members to the GMS MC. A number of sub-committees are formed by the GMS MC to co-ordinate, deliberate, advice on issues concerning the smooth functioning of the Sabha. A unique feature is that even non-members of the fraternity are free to attend the regular monthly meetings of the GMS MC and express his/her viewpoints without any inhibitions and all are given a patient hearing


Patrons, Pratishthith Members, Life Members and Yearly members, for a minimum of three consecutive years, are entitled to vote in the General Elections to the GMS Managing Committee.


The GMS is the repository of the Mohyali spirit, the spirit which is unique, evokes spontaneous bond of oneness, and emotional sense of belonging, igniting the spark of love, compassion, kinship and deep attachment to one another. The GMS is a purely charitable, non-political, social organization, rendering financial and moral help on a wide spectrum. Financial assistance is given to widows, ailing, orphaned children, deserving students and others on the recommendation of the Local Sabhas. Awards to outstanding students, besides matching grants to local Sabhas for their Mohyal Bhawans, and other welfare projects, Shagun to Sabhas holding their respective Mohyal Milans/Melas, as a gesture of goodwill, grants to youth leaders for holding youth camps/seminars, donations for national causes etc.


The Mohyal Foundation, a multi-crore project in prestigious South Delhi Institutional area, has proved to be a big boon. Built on a half-acre plot, it has generated resources, which have enabled the launch of several developmental projects in a big way. The main building has been appropriately dedicated to the late Smt. Brij Rani Vaid, who bequeathed her property, at Darya Ganj, New Delhi, to GMS. The 2nd phase of the Mohyal Foundation, houses MERIT, (Mohyal Educational Research Institute of Technology). There is a big Conference Hall at the 3rd Floor for holding Managing Committee meetings and other functions. The entire complex is akin to a modern corporate office with the provision of lifts and air conditioning.


In the heart of every Mohyal, the Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar, is a timeless legacy, a priceless legacy. Built at ideal location - approximately 2.5 kms from Har-ki-Pauri. There are eight suites, 32 rooms with attached bathrooms and two dormitories, a Reception Room, Office, Store Room and a Library, besides an ideal Dining Hall and a spacious kitchen. Between the two wings, there is a magnificent Meditation Hall with idols of seven Mohyal Gotra Rishis and "ew Gods & Goddesses. On the forecourt of the spacious podium stands a seven-faced pillar with inscription of name of the seven Gotras of our seven sub- castes, as a sign of unity and solidarity of the fraternity. All the rooms were donated for and the name of the donors are prominently displayed in granite in the Reception Room. There is a scheme of Langar Fund donations of Rs. 11,000/- each and interest thereon is used to provide all meals to the residents, free.


In the same complex as the Ashram, we have the Sewa Sadan, comprising of 20 rooms, with attached bathrooms besides reception area with a provision for lift. Mehta Des Rajji Mohan of Khanna had donated Rs.14 lakhs for the Sewa Sadan in the memory of his younger brother, Mehta Yash Raj Mohan, who had renounced the world and died at an early age In addition, donations at Rs.1.50 lacs for each room have also been received. The adjoining park has been developed by the Haridwar Development Authority. The Ground Floor of the Sewa Sadan Building is being used to run a primary school for the poor students of neighborhood.


The original home of the GMS at Inderpuri, New Delhi, has also been upgraded and renovated and 16 rooms have been built with attached toilets. The Mohyal Bhawan has been earmarked for the stay of fraternity members urn outstations and for the stay of students pursuing studies in Delhi. The Mohyal Bhawan is synonymous with the famous Lahore Mohyal Ashram of pre-partition days.


The number of Trusts opened by members of the Community to perpetuate the memory of their dear ones, or for other causes, has reached a total of more than 450, and the total amounts in the Trusts Rs. 5.50 Crores (Rupees Five Crore fifty lakhs) (approx), a proof of the faith and trust the fraternity has in the GMS Management, due to the utmost transparency and systematic working ethos of the GMS.


The mega events of Mohyals are the All-India Mohyal Conferences, which are held periodically at different strongholds of Mohyals. According to available information, the first Conference was held in 1902, at Lahore, presided over by Sardar Bahadur Capt. Ganda Singh Datt and the Conference Secretary was the legendary Bhai Parmanand .The last Conference, the 51St All India Mohyal Conference, was held at Kulachi hansraj Model Schoon, New Delhi, on 7th 8th a January 2012, presided over by Lt. Gen. G.L. Bakshi, PVSM (Retd.). The Mohyal Conference is the supreme Parliament of the Mohyals, where exhaustive deliberations are held and resolutions adopted. This is also an occasion to confer awards on members of the biradari, such as Mohyal Ratna, Mohyal Gaurav, Awards for Professional Excellence, Mohyal Sewa Pursakar Award etc. GMS is also awarding meritorious students, who have done well in their 10th and 12th Board Examinations.


This official organ of the GMS is the sole, authentic, vehicle of information to convey the message of the goings-on in the community, the message of love, good tidings, sad news, highlighting achievements of our biradari members, about projects undertaken by GMS etc .The main feature is the free matrimonial service, finding eligible matches for their wards, which is the main concern of parents all over. The Mohyal Mitter embodies the feelings and aspirations of the entire Mohyal Community. It is as old as the General Mohyal Sabha, founded in 1891 and has been regularly published. It is the oldest continuously published magazine in India and is in the Limca Book of Records.


GMS has now a place in Dehra Dun. The late Smt.Kaushalaya Bali, widow of the late Major K.R. Bali, in a rare gesture, bequeathed her property, located in Karanpura, Dehradun, to GMS. GMS is running a school in the premises, which has now around 150 students.


The General Mohyal Sabha today, with the support and blessings of the entire Mohyal Community, looks forward to an Era of greater progress and stability in future and feels confident that the emotional bond it has generated will keep the community alive and vibrant for many centuries to come.


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