My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jai Mohyal !

As we all know, 2021 has been hard for most of the people all over the world and this pandemic has cost a lot of human lives. People have lost their near and dear ones to Covid and many have lost their jobs, and business has also been affected badly due to lockdown, but still amidst all this gory time, humanity and kindness has prevailed. A lot of people and a number of NGOs and other institutions have come forward to help people in many different ways. 

As we enter 2022, I appeal to all my community members to come forward and make 2022 as one of the most meaningful years in their life. Many of our community's children are underprivileged and they are finding it hard to continue with their education because their means of survival has been hit hard due to this pandemic. In such a crisis, let’s all pledge to adopt atleast one such child for at least a year if not for lifetime and be their mentor. Also, our community members who cannot help a needy child financially but are educated and proficient in any subject, can volunteer to be their mentor and guide such children towards a bright future. Hope that my fellow community members will willingly take this initiative in a good spirit. You can contact the GMS giving your consent regarding the sponsorship of such underprivileged children. Also I appeal to all the Presidents and Secretaries of local Mohyal Sabhas to share with us the list of such children who are deprived of basic education. You can bring this list to our notice and we will try our level best to find a sponsor and a mentor for such children. Kindly note that education fees can be directly deposited to school’s account for the child you wish to sponsor. Manisha Dutta, MA, M Ed, LLB, Secretary Istri Wing, Vice Principal Delhi Govt School, mob 9711772342, email manishaduttasri@gmail.com, will follow up on this process and help you with any assistance if needed. Local sabhas are requested to adopt atleast one/two widows for monthly pension and one/two children for imparting education and also act as their mentors. 

Also in the following year, let’s all make a transition from print media to digital media. Many of our community members have an access to the online version of our monthly magazine “Mohyal Mitter" so it's my humble request to such members to kindly withdraw their subscription as they can access the online version. Also those members who need only one printed version should get the subscription for extra copies cancelled. This will not only cut down the extra expenses of printing the magazine but also help in reducing the carbon footprint on Mother Earth. 

We as a concerned community can act responsibly and be a boon to the mankind by making informed choices and decisions. I have full faith in my community members.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. May this year be full of adventure and good fortune. 

Vinod Kumar Dutt
President, GMS




Jai Mohyal!!                            Jai Mohyal!!                                 Jai Mohyal!!                          

Greetings to All of You!!!!!

First of all I take the opportunity to wish you all, your families, and dear & near ones a very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2022. A year free from problems, adversities, and overall bright Year for all of us.

The Coming Year 2022 should be a time to rejoice in hope for a better future. We hope this year brings unlimited happiness and prosperity to all of you. Wishing every day of the New Year 2022 to be filled with Success, Happiness, and Prosperity for you and your entire family. 

As we all know 2021 has been very difficult for most of the people. During Covid period many people have lost their near and dear ones and many have lost their jobs and business due to lockdown but on the other hand many of their friends, well-wishers, and relatives have stood with them and cooperated with them during this period of immense inveracity and difficulty.  

As we are going to enter in Year 2022, I request all my Mohyal Brothers & Sisters to come forward and make 2022 as one of the best years for everyone. Hope all of you will take this initiative in good spirit. I request each and every Mohyals to make their local sabhas strong, if local Mohyal Sabha becomes strong, G.M.S will be automatically strong.

Also, I would like to share with you the foundation for higher accomplishments. Believe in yourself and your abilities, you will be able to meet these challenges successfully and emerge stronger. The Place value of these foundations are as follows:



















Place value of Alphabets


ATTITUDE (100%), HARD WORK (98%), KNOWLEDGE (96%), EXPERIENCE (104%), and ADVERSITY (123%) are  INVALUABLE  INPUTS WITH NEARLY 100% SCORES when combined together create


1.) Credit Worthiness (209%)  2.) Creativity (132%)  3.) Consistency / Commitment (146% / 125%)     4.) Competitiveness (194%)  5.) Productivity (182%)  6.) Successful (128%)  7.) Prosperity (161%)

I am greatly impressed by few lines written by famous “Urdu Poet Gulzar”:

अहिस्ता चल जिंदगी, अभी कई कर्ज चुकाने बाकी है।
कुछ दर्द मिटाना बाकी है, कुछ फ़र्ज़ निभाना बाकी है।

These lines means service to everyone you come across and meet during the year.

Let us make the coming year 2022 a year of:

Service to the Society,

Service to each other’s families,

Service to your area/surroundings,

Service to your neighbours,

Service to the Country / Nation,

Service to the downtrodden Mohyal Brothers & Sisters requiring your assistance.


Let these 12 values foundations become 12 flowers to brighten your 12 months of Year 2022.

Let’s Make the Coming Year 2022 Happy & Prosperous for someone’s needy.


God Bless All Of You.


Jai Mohyal!!                      Jai Mohyal!!                       Jai Mohyal!!  


P.K. Dutta
Sr. Vice President, GMS