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New Year Greetings & Message from the President

My dear Brothers and Sisters, It is once again, my pleasure to extend you warm greetings from myself and from my colleagues-Wishing you and your entire family all the Happiness and Prosperity in the New Year. Looking back, 2015 has been an excellent year with GMS making steady progress on all fronts. As a symbol of your appreciation, we are grateful to you all, for the support in electing the new Managing Committee with a thumping majority. We are confident to come up to your expectations and are already in the process of planning various development and welfare programmes, aimed particularly for the weaker sections of the fraternity. "Empowerment of the Youth & Women" continues to be our prime priority goal and we are aiming all development plans in this direction. We wish to involve more youth in the mainstream and as such we are planning Sports, Cultural Programmes, Excursions, Youth Festivals and anything else which enthuses our younger generation. On the education front we are fixing up fresh norms for educational assistance, besides concrete norms towards "Adopt a Child" scheme. Our teams with the active participation of local Sabha's will scan through even remote areas and identify those young children from weaker sections who need help for their education and develop some mechanism to assist them. It is firmly our determination that no Mohyal child should be deprived of education for want of funds. Similarly, we are very keen on skill development which is the need of present times and is being greatly encouraged by the Central Govt. We would like to encourage and assist our children towards this end. I would also wish our children to take full advantage of tremendous facilities provided at MERIT, New Delhi in the field of Information Technology which could be very beneficial for advancement and employment opportunities in futureand this is being offered to Mohyal children at a concessional rate. It is also our earnest desire that our young widow sisters should come forward and instead of being on crutches of financial aid from GMS all the time, should endeavor to stand on their own feet by learning and adoption of some skills- and GMS will be too happy to provide necessary financial assistance in their rehabilitation. We are keeping our mind wide open and would welcome any thought from you which can benefit the Community and take it forward. We are looking forward to 2016 with lot of enthusiasm, optimism and with your continued support look forward to the future with lot of confidence. Once again wishing you lots of good wishes from myself and my colleagues in the Managing Committee. JAI MOHYAL Yours affectionately, Rzd B D Bali

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