My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jai Mohyal.

With great pleasure, I wish you all a very happy, satisfying, safe, healthy, progressive and productive journey through 2021.

As you would be aware, the election for the new 'Managing Committee' has duly been called. The Election Committee(Shri K K Bali – Convener, Dr Subash Datta and Brig Arun Bali), has already taken in hand the task of organising and conducting a 'free and fair' election.

We as a Community, need to ponder over the kind of 'Management Team', qualitatively, we need to elect, to enable the GMS to function effectively. GMS has two major and onerous functional responsibilities to discharge. Firstly, is to ensure the safety, care and maintenance, together with cost-effective and efficient functioning, of the assets and resources of the Community, wherever they exist. Secondly, the GMS Management has the task to ensure, optimally, the planning and execution of the welfare schemes for the 'needy' within the Community. These two, in turn, lead to some very significant 'calls' on the Community members.

The 'first call' relates to the undeniable need for a good number of members of our Community, particularly men and women, specially younger men and more women, with expertise and experience in legal, financial, accounting, human resources and IT fields, to, voluntarily, offer their services as part of the ‘management’ by standing for the GMS Managing Committee Elections. Their services would be needed in 'advisory, supervisory and administrative roles' to manage the GMS at Delhi, and its outstation 'Institutions' (Ashrams, Schools, Bhawans etc). This presupposes that, first, all of those elected would assuredly find time to perform the assigned 'role' and second, there will be at least some members elected who are either co-located or located in close vicinity of the GMS/outstation Institutions. The 'second call' relates to the voters who, by way of preparation, would need to acquire good knowledge about the capabilities and personal attributes of the contesting candidates, to assess and decide, based on relative merit, about their suitability to be part of the Management Team.

Elections, by their very nature, at times give rise to strong feelings and emotions, resulting in negative talk or actions, which must be avoided and should not be done. Let us ensure maximum positivity, to protect and keep alive our Unity, Cohesion and the Spirit of Bonhomie, within the Community.

Finally, my sincere advice to you all. Let not the 'Administration of Vaccine' make you complacent. The danger continues to lurk. Therefore, continue to wear masks and observe social distancing for some more time, for your own safety.

God Bless You All.


Yours Affectionately

Lt Gen G L Bakshi, PVSM (Retd)

President GMS