The apex body of Mohyals was established by our visionary forefathers on 24 May 1891 at Lahore and over the last 125 years has been rendering yeoman service to the community. Mohyals though miniscule in numbers — estimated to be six to seven lacs - have always been in the forefront in the cause of Dharma and defence of motherland. Descendents of legendary Sapta Rishis, Mohyals have, over the ages, repeatedly demonstrated valour and virtuosity — fighting against religious bigotry and social injustice. The Martyrdom of Bhai Mati Dass and Bhai Sati Dass is unparalleled in the world's history. In the pre-partition years, the main strongholds of Mohyals were in Punjab and NWFP. Basically agriculturists, they were recognised as warriors and a martial race and excelled in Police and Defence Services. After the traumatic partition of the country in 1947, the Mohyals got scattered and settled in various parts of the country. They were virtually cut off from their moorings, but the inherent Mohyali spirit survived .The Community has excelled itself in Defence, Police andAdministrative services besides making a mark in Industry, filmdom and various other spheres.

After partition GMS first shifted to Amritsar in 1947 and then to Delhi in 1955. The first three decades were almost spent in hibernation due to lack of resources. During the last four decades, GMS has made big strides in various fields. Today, the Community has risen and its members have come closer to each other, as never before, and the Mohyali flag is aflutter in all parts of the country. This development clearly establishes the fact that Mohyals have arrived in strength, are an integrated community and their identity is intact and vibrant. Besides building of Ashrams, Bhawans and Institutions and creating financial resources, the credibility of the GMS has never been as high as today. GMS is rightly proud of its achievements over the last four decades.

Cash in hand   The liquid assests of the GMS have increased from Rs 22,391/- as on 01 Oct 78 to Rs.2,79,46,359/- as on  31 Dec 2016.

Trusts     There were a total of 31 trusts as on 1 Oct 1978 for a total value of Rs.2,26,634/ -. Currently, there are 2928 individual  trusts and their value is Rs.7,61,96,097/- as on 31 Dec 2016. There are two types of trusts, ones opened by the GMS and the others opened by individuals. The first category includes trusts like

(i) GMS Educational Benevolent Fund Trust Account, established in 2009 with seed money of Rs. 1,00,00,000/-

(ii) GMS Mohyal Mitter Trust Account (Rs. 7,00,000/) and GMS Widow Fund Trust (Rs.3,00,000/), a total of Rs. 1,10,00,000/. The latter two trusts have been opened to augment the respective two funds.

The individual trusts are also of two types (i) Langar Fund Trusts for Haridwar and Vrindavan Ashrams.  

(ii) Other individual trusts. As on 31 Dec 2016, there were a total of 2402 Langar Fund Trusts; 1910 for Haridwar and 492 for Vrindavan. Each such trust is for Rs.11,000/-, so the total value of Langar Fund Trusts works out to Rs. 2,64,22,000/- The balance trust money of Rs. 4,97,74,097/- is for 526 individual trusts .

Real Estate   Before Partition of the country, GMS owned a Student's Hostel (Mohyal Ashram Lahore), built on an area of three Kanals. After partition, efforts were made by the Sabha to get compensation/claim for this property left in Pakistan. However, the policy of the Govt. of India, at that time, was not to entertain any institutional claims.  G.M.S. has established the following properties, dedicated to the service of the Community:

  • Mohyal Bhavan at Inderpuri, having 16 fully furnished rooms with attached baths and a Hall.

  • Mohyal Foundation Building Phase I having GMS Secretariat, with modern facilities. A portion of this building is given on rent to augment our resources for welfare activities.

  • Mohyal Foundation Building Phase II from where the prestigious Mohyal Educational Research Institute of Technology (M.E.R.I.T.) is functioning.

  • Mohyal Ashram at Haridwar, having 8 suites, 32 rooms, dormitory and other ancillary accommodation including lifts.

  • Sewa Sadan at Haridwar,two floors of which are being used for Mohyal Public School which is being upgraded to class 5

  • Mohyal Ashram at Vrindavan, having 7 suites,31 rooms and 2 dormitories, and other ancillary facilities including a lift.

  • Mohyal Ashram at Goverdhan, having 8 rooms, a kitchen, and other ancillary facilities.

  • Two adjacent buildings over an area of 1000 sq. yds, in Dehradun, from where a Primary school upto Class 8, is being run under the aegis of the GMS.

  • A bungalow in Defence Colony, Meerut.

  • GMS owns a plot of land at Agra.

  • Foundation stone for renovated Mohyal Bhawan at Yamuna Nagar was laid on 11 Sep 2016. The project will be completed in two years and should benefit all the Mohyal families located in Yamuna Nagar and the surrounding areas .The building will also have facilities to open a branch of MERIT 

  • GMS has given financial assistance to Local Sabhas at Ambala City, Chandigarh, Faridabad, Hoshiarpur, Hyderabad/Secunderabad, Jammu, Karnal, Mehrauli, Saharanpur, Yamuna Nagar and Yamunapaar (Delhi) for the construction of their bhavans by the respective local Sabhas.Financial assistance was also granted for the construction of the holy Samadhi of Baba Thakkar at Gurdaspur.

Permanent Members      The number of permanent members (Patrons, Prathishtith members and life members) of the GMS has increased from 43 on 01 Oct 1978 to 2745,who are being issued laminated Photo Identity Cards. All Permanent members, Room Donors and Langar Fund Donors are also entitled to get such cards. The practice of sending Greeting Cards on the occasion of Birthdays and Marriage Anniversaries of Permanent Members of the GMS, Langar Fund Donors and Room Donors, which was started in 2005, has also become very popular.

Mohyal Mitter      The number of subscribers to our monthly magazine Mohyal Mitter has increased from 688 as on 01 Oct 1978 to 3500 as on 30 Dec 2016. The Mohyal Mitter, the first issue of which was brought out in September 1891, has been recognized as the "oldest continuously published magazine in India" by the Limca Book of Records.

Local Sabhas    The number of affiliated local sabhas that was 17 on 01 Oct 1978 has increased to 70.

Conferences     Since 1902, the GMS has been holding All India Mohyal Conferences. 52nd All India Mohyal Conference is being held at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi on 12March 2017. The conferences are multifunctional, combining many activities. Awards like Mohyal Ratna, Mohyal Gaurav, Mohyal Sewa Puraskar, Mohyal Yuva Sewa Puraskar, Excellence in Professional Achievement etc are given on such occasions.

Pratibhashalee Mohyal Vidyarthee Samman   Since 2004, a yearly Pratibhashalee Vidyarthi Samman function is being held to honour and encourage brilliant students of the community .13th Pratibhashalee Mohyal Vidyarthee Samman was held at Mohyal Foundation on 4 Dec 2016 .

Matrimonial Melas    Starting from 2006, yearly Mohyal Matrimonial Mela is being held to help the parents of eligible Mohyal girls and boys to select suitable matches for their respective wards. In addition, a quarterly Shaadi Darbar is also being held at  Mohyal Foundation on the last Sunday of each quarter.7th Grand Matrimonial Mela was held at Mohyal Foundation on 20 March 2016.

Mohyal Diwas   A yearly Foundation Day of the GMS is being celebrated as Mohyal Diwas to enable members of the community to get together and participate in activities for the upliftment of the community. 125th Sthapna Divas is being held at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi on 12th March 2017.

Youth Camps    Periodic Mohyal Youth Festivals/ Camps are being held to empower the youth and encourage them to take part in the activities and development of the community.

Presidents/Secretaries Meet    A yearly Presidents/Secretaries meet of the local affiliated Sabhas is being held, to review policy decisions and progress made and to ensure close cohesion between GMS and local Sabhas for the welfare of the Community.The last Presidents and Secretaries meeting was held on 14 and 15 May 2016.

Annual General Body Meeting      Annual General Body meeting is held, for which all permanent members and annual members who are members for three consecutive years are invited to attend .The last AGM was held at Mohyal Foundation New Delhi on 16 Oct 2016 .

GMS Managing Committee Elections    GMS Managing Committee Elections are held as per the GMS Constitution.The last elections were held on 13 September 2015.

National Calamities     GMS has always played a pivotal role in the National main stream .A sum of Rs five lacswas donated to the Prime Ministers National Relief Fund on 17 Sep 2014 to help our distressed brothers and sisters of J&K, effected by the unprecedented floods in the State. Relief material was sent to help flood victims of Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand) under our youth team on 12 July 2016.

Financial Assistance Monthly financial assistance is being given to 468 widows, 95 other needy persons, 48 students of lower classes and 13 students for higher studies. Medical assistance is also being provided in emergencies on need-to-need basis. During the Financial Year 2015-2016, the expenditure on different welfare activities of the GMS was about Rs. 63 Lacs.

Computerization  The work in the GMS Secretariat has been computerized. Our web site, can be accessed for information on the GMS.

Income Tax Exemption It was only in 1984 that the GMS was recognized as a charitable organization under Section 12A(a), and for grant of relief to the donors under section 80G of the income Tax Act 1961. The authorization for this relief which used to be renewed every three years, has now been made permanent from 01 April 2011.


Today, the GMS has the support and blessings of the entire community. With the financial resources at its disposal, it is capable of taking up and implementing  welfare projects for the betterment and welfare of the poor and needy. GMS is confident that the emotional bond it has generated over the years will keep the community alive and vibrant for centuries to come and jointly and unitedly contribute its mite in building a strong and vibrant society in service of the Nation.


  • G.M.S Secretariat: A-9, Qutab Institutional Area, U.S.O. Road, New Delhi-110067 Tel: 011-26560456,26561504, 41783232

  • M.E.R.I.T: A-9, Qutab Institutional Area, U.S.O. Road, New Delhi-110067 Tel: 011-26532492, 41610145

  • Mohyal Bhawan (Inderpuri): EG-29-30, 30 A, Inderpuri, New Delhi-110012, Tel: 011-25835123 ,9990041770

  • Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar: Bhopatwala, (Opp. Shanti Kunj), Haridwar-Rishikesh Road, Tel: 09219441137, 09219443813

  • Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan: Plot no. 23, Ashram Vihar, Chatikara Chowk, Vrindavan-Mathura, U.P. Tel: 09917035511, 09917035522

  • Mohyal Ashram, Goverdhan: Khasra no. 1198, Moja Radhakund, Tehsil — Mathura-Vrindavan

Local Sabha Bhawans

Ambala : 162, Prem Nagar; Chandigarh: Plot no. 30.31, Sector-24; Faridabad: NH-125, NIT-5; Gurdaspur: Holy Samadhi, Baba Thakkar, Somgalpura Road; Hoshiarpur: Bains Colony, UNA Road; Hyderabad/Secunderabad: G-1, Krishna Kaveri Niwas, Shakti Nagar, R.K. Puram; Jalandhar: Sham Mehta, Bhai Mati Dass, Ravi Dass Nagar, Model Town Link Road; Jammu: Opp. General Bus Stand; Karnal: Gandhi Chowk, Sadar Bazar; Mehrauli: Delhi; Saharanpur: Punjabi Bagh, Hakikat Nagar; Yamuna Nagar: Plot no. 69, 70-71, Sarojni Colony, Phase-1; Yamunapaar-Delhi: 800, Mohyal Bhawan, Satnam Road, Jheel-Kuranja.